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Edition 25, 2020.02.13. Love on the docks! In honor of Valentine’s Day I chose to feature this infatuated couple thought to be Mr. and Mrs. John Rose of Indianapolis, who fished aboard the New Dixie Queen during the annual CDQF tournament in 1969. This photograph is indisputable proof that deep sea fishing can be romantic. I am Kim Davis Whitfield and I believe loving smiles emote more readily when you don’t have to wash the boat or clean the fish.


Edition 26, 2020.02.20. Harris "Spider" McKinney (left) and George McKinney (right), 1966, dragging a 400+ lb. warsaw grouper to the scales. This fondly remembered father and son team fished together aboard Captain Davis Queen Fleet vessels for many years and were among the first to tackle the challenges of landing such massive fish. They used two rods/reels, two lines, one big hook, and a screen door spring as a shock absorber that stretched to 30 feet when done. Spider was a fighter pilot who survived being shot down over North Vietnam, and he enjoyed buzzing CDQF boats offshore. The coolest thing about this Harold Gornall photograph is that it captures their commitment to each other and their joy. I am Kim Davis Whitfield and I believe fishing is one of the very best ways for a father to spend quality time with a son OR DAUGHTER.