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Edition 17, 2019.11.14. Photo of one of the cutest little anglers I have ever seen. For so many of us, seeing smiles like this on young faces is why we keep chasing sunsets. I know that it meant the world to Capt. Fennie Whitfield, who was most likely at the helm of the New Dixie Queen on the day this fresh-faced boy landed his cherished catch. I don’t know anything about him, but it is evident that he had some old-fashioned, wholesome fun. It was 1960-something and this photo looks like the work of Harold Gornall. I am Kim Davis Whitfield and it is no mystery to me why fishing on headboats brought huge crowds to the St. Andrews Marina back in the day.

Edition 19, 2019.12.05. For Captain Davis Queen Fleet, there was no better way to celebrate the joy of the season than a company Christmas party. This photograph by Harold Gornall, captures truly fantastic employees of CDQF enjoying a holiday gathering at the home of Joe Ed and Bonnie Davis on December 14, 1971. From left to right the couples are Bill and Agnes Morar, Fennie and Carol Whitfield, Jack and Liz McKinney, Rex and Ruth Davis, Angus and Marion Scott, Allen and Rochelle Griffith, and Richard Holley (before meeting Ronda) and his date. Except for Jack who worked elsewhere, all the men served as headboat captains among other duties. Liz McKinney ran the ticket office. From the photo album I have, this company party is the first, the smallest, and the tamest. Nevertheless, there were gag gifts, adult beverages, and I am certain, tall stories. I am Kim Davis Whitfield and I’ll get back to photos of fish and boats in January.

Edition 18, 2019.11.21. Next Thursday I’ll be busy in my kitchen while the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade plays on a TV I mostly ignore. The bands, dancers, and entertainers will be dazzling, but the float kicking off my holiday spirit is none other than the St. Andrews Marina float of 1973 as seen in this Margaret Dowhen photograph taken at the Apalachicola Seafood Festival. Never has a Queen Craft boat held more attractive passengers. As the story is told, Ms. St. Andrews Marina was selected by a panel of judges, aka the Davis brothers, after she walked past the ticket office in a bathing suit. Her name is Carol Byrd and she is remembered fondly by those who told me the story. The float was towed by Capt. Bill Morar in his brand new, top-of-the-line, 4WD Ford truck purchased for $3,200. I hope to learn more about the other sweethearts. I am Kim Davis Whitfield and I wish you all a meaningful Thanksgiving.

TBT 18a.jpg

Edition 20, 2019.12.12. Photo of Wallace Thomas holding his beloved gag gifts during the Captain Davis Queen Fleet Christmas party on December 18, 1973, at the Harbour House restaurant next to the St. Andrews Marina. During the 60s and 70s, Wallace worked nights at the 24-hour CDQF ticket office. At Christmas time he had another job, Santa Claus! As seen in the embedded photo, Wallace came to our house year after year on Christmas Eve to deliver presents. He was oh so jolly, he came to us before circling the globe, and he preferred a bottle of whiskey to a glass of milk. We loved our Santa! He once made his entrance from the carport, wheeling in our old bikes as my father (Grover) tried in vain to intercept him with the new ones, but it all worked out. From left to right, the lucky kids with Santa are Blake Archer, Kerrie Davis Beasley, Drew Dykes, and me. I am Kim Davis Whitfield wishing you all a Christmas as merry as Wallace Thomas, the CDQF Santa Claus.

TBT 20w.jpg