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Our fast, sleek boat equipped with the best electronics provides you with more time fishing and more family fun! The Sally D is extremely clean, organized, and well-maintained. Additionally, she has FEDERAL CHARTERBOAT PERMIT FOR REEF FISH allowing her to fish federal waters, greatly increasing the fishing territory and opportunities. All charters are private 

Sally D, 42'

IMGP7355 (2).JPG

Capt. Jason Whitfield
& Mate Colby Clark

The Sally D is our new 42' custom built Queen Craft with preferred amenities such as ice-cold air conditioning and a comfortable interior. She quickly cruises to the fishing grounds at 18 knots as she is faster than most charter boats of her size. She is equipped with the latest electronics. Best of all is the roomy and shaded back deck which means more comfortable fishing.

Sally running.jpg
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